Mathematically speaking, automated shift scheduling of large numbers of employees is known to be extremely complicated. Therefore, automated solutions are only available for a small number of employees, usually 10 to 40 employees.

Using revolutionary technology developed by our team, Sched4u® can schedule automatically in shifts 200-2400 employees including constraints in 1-70 seconds. Sched4u is faster than existing products by a factor around 10,000 even for 50 to 60 employees.

Large organizations around the world; security forces, hospitals, hotels, are just a few which now can create schedules in shifts using Sched4u quickly and automatically.

Sched4u won the
2018/2019 Edison Award

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Advantages of Sched4u®

The Best Way to Compare automatic Scheduling software is when scheduling a group of employees all having one role. Sched4u can easily schedule thousands of employed in seconds.

1. Scheduling a single role group of 1850 employees using Sched4u; the time is around 60 seconds.
2. Scheduling for 2400 employees (1850 with a single role and the rest having 5 roles) using Sched4u; about 70 seconds.

Other existing automatic solutions, for a single role, struggle when scheduling 10-60 employees, with time rising exponentially when increasing the number of employees. These solutions are at least 10,000 times slower than Sched4u for employee groups greater than 60.


Existing scheduling tools used by medium and large organizations are mostly slow hand tools. About 5% of existing tools are automatic, useful only for scheduling small groups employees.

In contrast, Sched4u schedules in shifts thousands of employees in seconds. Sched4u saves money and time while achieving high quality and accuracy.

1. Scheduling 400 cops including constraints using Sched4u takes about 4 seconds.
2. Scheduling 1,800 workers in a hotel, including constraints, takes about 45 seconds.
These tasks cannot be solved by other existing tools.
Sched4u will increase the efficiency of all organizations around the world; Industrial facilities, Police, hotels, airports, call centers are just a few.